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Sales support via the Internet

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Internet monitoring applications can be used to identify potential clients for certain brands. For instance, the insurance company can track the key word “insurance," which will lead to comments like “What kind of insurance should I choose?” or “Which insurance company is best for me?".

Sales support tool helps you to find those comments in real time (as they happen), so your consultants can talk directly to these people and convince them to buy your product.

Furthermore, Sales support tool can be useful to smaller companies, for whom brands are not being discussed as frequently as bigger businesses, allowing them to reach potential clients and convince them to purchase their product.

Social Media Monitoring

Thanks to social media monitoring you get to know who said what about your company. Moreover, you get this knowledge in just minutes after it was published. This gives you a chance to act at once, so you can successfully build up a strong relation with internet users, who mention your brand`s name. This knowledge is crucial and lets you to get to know the exact users, they reach and preferred sites of activity.

Social Media monitoring is also a powerful tool which helps prevent from brand image crisis which is more likely to happen in the social media sector. Social media tool for monitoring finds negative comments that appear in the Internet and lets you to talk to the particular people who create turmoil around your brand. As a result, in many situations you will be able to sort out the problem directly and stop the avalanche of negative comments and opinions. Moreover, such a quick and professional reaction can get you many devoted fans.

Online client service

Nowadays, business sees social media as a new communication channel with the clients. The hard thing about it is that clients choose the moment and places to publish their opinions. It is on the business side to find those comments and interact with the customers. Those customers see the involvement of the businesses and are eager to trust them more.

Recent months of building the relationship with customers through social media have shown that they do not expect you to be perfect -- they just want you to listen to their voices. Dell seems to be one of the companies that has understood this lesson over the years. Especially after the “Dell Hell” crisis, they have shown real interest in the social media sector. These days, they hire several people responsible solely for client service via the Internet. These consultants contact customers and potential customers on blogs, forums and social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter or Instagram. Lately, the first Social Media Command Center has been opened to organize and support Dell`s effort in this field.

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