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Media monitoring

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We are living in social media revolution times. This global trend made us, the Internet users, an important factor in any discussion or process. Now every voice can be heard and it counts. Moreover, the micro-blog boom made us even more eager to share our opinions with others. We like it and we do it a lot.

Nowadays more than one billion people is using social media (50 percent of all Internet users). Every minute there is more than 700000 status updates and 0,5 billion comments posted on Facebook. In the same time 25 hours of new videos pops up on Therefore the Internet becomes a fast-flowing stream of information. The information that matters for everybody, including business.

More than a half of social media users follow and check the brands, products and commercial services. 36 percent of them posts the comments about them. This makes millions of opinions a day, that refer strictly to brands and their products. No wonder that businesses sniffed out the huge chance to get to know and understand their clients (and potential clients) and only way to do it is to monitor and analyze that great flow of information. The requirement for the useful tool which allow such thing became a burning need.

Media monitoring is an effective tool which allows to monitor your brand, product and services on the Internet. This is also a great method of measuring the buzz around the monitored brand, product or keyword. Media monitoring can be used as a source of analysis and reports about your customers. It displays data about their behavior and trends created around it. This way we create a new channel of communication with customers, that helps in many areas such as sales, customer service and public relations.

One of the key functionalities of our tool is ability to reach people gathered around social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter. This allows to recognize the opinion leaders and influence them with positive approach. Additionally our notification system will inform you every time the new discussion starts, so you can act immediately to solve the problem or respond to the unfair attack.

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