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Tools for media, market and public opinion research

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Media, market and public opinion researches have been always seen as a great source of information for almost any business. Unfortunately the access to this knowledge has never been easy or cheap, because of the necessity to use different tools for each of the communication channels researches.

The Internet emergence and its steady growth seemed to make this situation even worse and more complicated. Meanwhile the global domination of the Internet and the media convergence process made the web something like the sociological representative group. It appeared that researches run on this group can give the valuable results adequate for the other communication channels and media.

The Internet monitoring service is a response to this situation. By researching the whole www. environment we are able to gain data about the social and marketing trends in the whole media ecosystem. The perfect example of this process is the presence of tv ads on video portals where the Internet users comment and share their opinions about them. Internet monitoring mechanism is simple, you have to just type in the brand, product or keyword that you want to monitor and you will get full data about its presence on the Internet. Additionally the Internet monitoring tools present this data on clear and easy to read diagrams, which gives you instant information about the general trends in the monitored field or subject. Also the sentiment analysis helps you to determine the emotional mindset of people in the researched category.

Topics: media monitoring, public opinion research, media convergence, market research tool, market and public opinion analysis tool.

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