A few of my presentations

Presentation Project management with Scrum agile method
Agile Meetings, 23th of May 2015, Wrocław.
Presentation How to pick a modern client with a fishing rod?
Finance online - how to catch more networks.
Presentation Promote your business ... yourself!
WIGGOR, StartAP Academy of Entrepreneurship, 19th of March 2014, Wroclaw University of Economics.
Thanks for the presentation from StartAp, Thanks for the debate from StartAp.
Presentation Innovation is overrated
University of Mobile, 21th of May 2013, Wroclaw University of Economics.
Presentation Analysis of key performance indicators in social media
Congress of the Young PR, 16th April 2013, Wroclaw.
Presentation Inbound marketing activities based on Internet monitoring tool
Aleje.IT, 5th of March 2013, Czestochowa.
Thanks from Aleje.IT
Presentation How to support the recruitment process in social media?
Young people in the labor market, January 24, 2013, Convention Center, Wroclaw University of Technology.
Presentation How to "make Internet" using social media
Szczecin - December 5, 2012, 5th birthday Netcamp trends and the future of the Internet.
Presentation How to "make Internet"?
Mentors of e-Business - 19th November 2012, Cracow University of Economics.
Thanks from Mentors of eBusiness
Presentation Effective ways to build traffic based on the SEM / SEO.
Pino Brunch - 26th of March 2009, Warsaw, ul. Goplańska 35.
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Interviews, articles or shares in articles

Interviews that I gave. Articles that I wrote or in which I gave a short word. I will be here successively publishing next ones, which I will find from the time of my media light..

Document 28.01.2013, Young people in the labor market in Wrocław must build their own brand.

Master thesis

I am not ashamed of my master thesis. Wrote it myself, so feel free to read it.

Document The role of non-functional (quality) requirements in the design of system architecture
  • Issues:
  • quality requirements,
  • software quality,
  • quality attributes,
  • software architecture design.