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Zero moment of truth

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Zero moment of truth (ZMOT) is the notion which came up after long process of observation. It is a marketing conception that describes the decision making moment by customer. Typical consumer in ZMOT theory is an active person who does not want to be influenced by any ads, but instead searches for products and services on its own and is eager to evaluate them.

The zero moment of truth is crucial time when the customer is making the decision to purchase the product or service. This is also the crucial moment for the marketers to reach potential client and convince him to choose their brand.

Here is where the ZMOT tool comes in handy. By monitoring the web with the emphasis on social media, we are able to reach those users at ZMOT. It is not a secret that the Internet is a huge source of opinions about services and products. We can easily find them on producers pages, review sites or any online product comparison sites. Monitoring those sites with ZMOT free tool allows to find potential clients and increase the sales.

Social CRM tool

Social CRM is a group of tools created to aggregate the discussions about certain brands in social media. Also these tools allow the user to create lists of social contacts (clients). Social CRM is developed as one of the first social CRM on the polish market. The section “sources” contains list of such contacts. These contacts are the people who mentioned your brand in the web.

Brand`s image in search engines

Brand image monitoring tool allows its user to monitor brand or product in all types of internet search engines. In the era of billions of queries in search engines, it is a one of the most basic elements of presence in the www.

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