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Word of mouth marketing (WoMM) on the Internet

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The internet allows to voice the opinion for anybody, who wants to share it with the bigger audience. Whether these are personal opinions, stories or reviews (which are the most important for the marketers), those voices are heard.

WoMM tool allows you to monitor all kind of Internet users activity. By setting the desired key words and phrases, you will get the full insight on what has been said about your product, brand or service. The feedback you receive can help you to measure and improve the effect of your marketing efforts.

Internet marketing tool

Internet marketing is focused on advertising, promoting and sales of any products and services via the web. Right marketing strategies and decisions require analytical knowledge about internet trends, as much as the knowledge concerning news and opinions created by regular Internet users.

All this and more can be done with internet marketing tool, which greatly supports the marketing in the Internet. It is useful at any stage of the internet marketing campaigns. It helps to plan, run and analyze all your marketing efforts.

Marketing campaigns analysis

Marketing online tool analyses your marketing campaigns on the Internet precisely and thoroughly. Our tool helps you to see the performance of your campaigns by measuring the buzz around your brand, product or service.

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