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Sentiment analysis

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The algorithm of automatic sentiment analysis is an application that checks the each result found by social media monitoring tools. This algorithm detects words that are emotionally charged and compares them with the rules of syntax, thereby deciding the sense (positive or negative) and the emotional power of the comment or statement.

This advanced technology helps you to get the immediate access to all the good and bad publicity about you on the internet only minutes after it has been published. Since this mechanism is very helpful and important for our clients, we work on it daily to make it accuracy perfect.

Sentiment analysis tool in Internet monitoring

Internet monitoring tool is the most effective method of monitoring your brand or product on the Internet. It is also a tool that measures the buzz around your brand, product or key word. It gives you access to the current and archival mentions about chosen brands and products.

One of the main functionalities of this project is the opportunity to monitor the brands that appear in social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Internet monitoring tool will notify you in just minutes after the monitored brand or phrase was discussed in one of these popular sites. This mechanism allows you to act immediately and lets you or your consultants sort out the problem.

Internet monitoring tool is also a source of analyses and reports that give you knowledge about your customers. This tool allows you to monitor their behaviors, opinions and general trends. Internet monitoring tool aims at creating a new communication channel with your customers which will allow you to enhance your sales, brand name and product.

Monitoring the Internet

Internet monitoring algorithm monitors the Internet at all times and displays the results immediately after they appear on the web, allowing you to take direct actions regarding all your internet campaigns, especially to protect the good name of your brand and product. It takes only a couple minutes to register and find out who and what has been said about you on the Internet.

In Internet monitoring algorithm you do not have to pay for each monitored key word or phrase. Just pay a monthly fee and choose many subjects to monitor. This tool is simple and intuitive so you will not have any problems using it. In case you need help, please contact our e-consultants who will assist you with your first projects. This saves your time and shows the correct way of setting up the projects, so all the results you receive are legit.

Internet monitoring algorithm also allows you to download and analyze results from the past. This way you do not have to limit yourself to current and future results. This is a great tool to monitor the www in the past, present and future.

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