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Reputation monitoring on the web

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Reputation monitoring tool is an advanced tool designed to monitor the web and interact with all kind of discussions on brands, products and services. One of the key functionalities is capability to service your clients aggregated around the social media sector.

Reputation notification system informs you about comments on the monitored subjects in minutes after they appeared on www. This mechanism permits your consultants to react in leaps and bounds.

Our tool can be used to monitor the brand as well as its reputation. The sentiment analysis mechanism is responsible for pointing all the positive, neutral and negative comments about the monitored phrases.

Reputation crisis on the internet

In case of the Internet attack on image or reputation of the brand/person, reputation monitoring tool will inform you at once, due to its real-time email notification system. You will receive information that help you to overcome the problem (source and reach of attack, sites involved etc.)

Crisis management and customer service are the key fields in which reputation monitoring tool is extremely useful for our clients. We believe that the immediate response to particular clients problems and questions is great way of running a PR strategy on the web. Reputation monitoring tool helps you find the crisis spot, whether it is the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other site on the web.

Nowadays, every voice can be heard on the Internet and no one can change it. The only solution to this situation is to hear these voices and respond to them in professional way. This is the only technological way for modern businesses.


It is not enough to just be amongst the search engine results. Your presence there, should be the outcome of the well-thought-out strategy. Just check how the others see your brand in search engines.

Internet users are eager to share their opinions on brands and products between themselves. They like it a lot. If you would like to know how your brand and product is perceived on the web, just use SEO PR tool. This tool monitors your brand, product and service on the Internet.

SEO PR is merger of search engine optimization and public relations on the web. The main idea is to create the PR notes in the SEO friendly way. The most important part is to use popular key words and phrases for your brand and product, so Internet users can easily find the information about your business.

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