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Online market researches and analysis

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Social media users are usually active and open minded people and this type of communication enhances those features. That is why the total number of social media users all over the world is constantly increasing and they spend more and more time online. Popularity, easy navigation and access to these sites creates a great online society of friends and families.

Internet analysis tool

Online analysis tool researches and analyzes social media. It points to the exact spots where people talk about brands, products and services. Moreover, it can determine whether the comments and opinions are charged emotionally (positive, negative, neutral). On top of it, this tool allows to create reports of the researched subject, which are crucial in preparing marketing and PR strategies.

Research tool in Internet

Online research tool, as a social media research tool, answers questions about the social potential of the brand, product or service. It stipulates the sizes of groups around certain brands and the commitment of their members. Social media is the area of the Internet where online research tool feels the best and this is why our clients can benefit from it.

Market analysis tool

Online market analysis tool is a great tool for big companies, but also for startup projects. Comprehensive analysis and market research can point the ways of successful development for newly founded businesses.

Brand crisis management on Internet

Brand online monitoring tool allows companies to react immediately in the brand crisis situation, which can occur to any business in the world, especially when there is big turmoil around the product in social media, which can destroy the brand`s reputation. This is why internet monitoring is so important. Having the results on the observed brand or product in just few minutes after it appeared on the web, gives you huge advantage and the great chance to stop what can become a real Internet brand crisis. Just by addressing the opinion leaders and regular users (brand management tool determines the reach of each user and site), you can solve the problem and save your business from any losses.

Brand online monitoring tool also works in the situation where the brand crisis has already happened. It lets you get to the most influential sources of unwanted information to fix the problem. Also, since the Internet is the most common medium, by monitoring the whole web you can observe the results of the crisis management activities in other channels.

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