Sometimes my thoughts. Some of my old articles. They will also find some interesting texts for me that I would like to share. However, some of the following are texts from previous projects, which I do not want to waste due to their uniqueness on the web. So I'm throwing all of them here:

Virtual Office in Wrocław

Registering a company in virtual office address Who is it for? It’s for companies looking for additional address or working space without actual physical presence if they want to save cost of running

How to get clients on the Internet

Marketing techniques such as performance, behavioral targeting or retargeting helped the advertisers to reach the group of people who are more interested in their products or services. It is clear

Monitoring your competition on the web

Monitoring your competition on the web is a tool which helps you to monitor and react to your competitors efforts on the internet. Moreover, monitoring your competition can be a great source of

Virtual office Wrocław

When you set up a business, company or foundation, you need a place for the company's seat. You don't always have to start with renting a traditional stationary office, which translates into rental

Zero moment of truth

The zero moment of truth is crucial time when the customer is making the decision to purchase the product or service. This is also the crucial moment for the marketers to reach potential client and

Word of mouth marketing (WoMM) on the Internet

WoMM tool allows you to monitor all kind of Internet users activity. By setting the desired key words and phrases, you will get the full insight on what has been said about your product, brand or

Sales support via the Internet

Sales support tool helps you to find those comments in real time (as they happen), so your consultants can talk directly to these people and convince them to buy your product. Furthermore, Sales

People monitoring on the Internet

Who would you want to track on the internet? These can be the opinion leaders who eagerly speak about your brand or branch of business. Additionally, you are able to track the activity/publicity of

Sentiment analysis

This advanced technology helps you to get the immediate access to all the good and bad publicity about you on the internet only minutes after it has been published. Since this mechanism is very

Media monitoring

Nowadays more than one billion people is using social media (50 percent of all Internet users). Every minute there is more than 700000 status updates and 0,5 billion comments posted on Facebook. In

Viral marketing

The natural environment for the viral marketing is social media sector. The easiness and eagerness of sharing and handing down the message allows to accomplish almost any type of marketing goal. The

Brand Internet image strategy

The main goals in this field are brand`s reputation building, increasing the brand awareness, especially among the Internet opinion leaders and crisis management. It may seem that achieving these

Tools for media, market and public opinion research

The Internet emergence and its steady growth seemed to make this situation even worse and more complicated. Meanwhile the global domination of the Internet and the media convergence process made the

Reputation monitoring on the web

Reputation notification system informs you about comments on the monitored subjects in minutes after they appeared on www. This mechanism permits your consultants to react in leaps and bounds. Our

Online market researches and analysis

Internet analysis tool Online analysis tool researches and analyzes social media. It points to the exact spots where people talk about brands, products and services. Moreover, it can determine