Karol Wnukiewicz

IT Project Manager
/Scrum Product Owner
/SAFE Product Manager

Graduated with a degree in Computer Science from the Faculty of Information Technology and Management at Wroclaw University of Technology. Also studied at Blekinge Institute of Technology in Sweden, where he gained his second Master of Science degree, but this time in the field of Software Engineering. Ten years of experience in the Internet industry. Chief Technical Officer at “Grupa Pino” in Poland for almost 4 years. Author and founder of many websites such as Brand24.pl, Patrz.pl, Finansosfera.pl, Dokumentalia.pl, PinoTV.pl, Moblo.pl, Slajdzik.pl, Livesite.pl. His background and passion is PHP, Java, JavaScript and web application design. Fluent in such technologies as Zend Framework, Smarty and JQuery. In many cases responsible for SEO activities during web development. Karol actively practices basketball, snowboarding, his Spanish, and has recently enjoyed surfing at the beginner level.

Lives in Wroclaw (Lower Silesia, Poland).

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